Empty, vacant , void, spaced out . . Okay, maybe the last one is a bit out of shape/ or out of tune. . Who knows? The point is . .

I’ve been feeling rather distant to myself and yes, i know that’s not a thing but i feel like i’m lost or rather in a black hole .

And just falling , falling into the dark abyss of neverland. A never ending rush of air and not the good kind of rush. How do I feel? I don’t know. Unbothered? Calm? Happy even? I don’t know.

Sometimes I feel like, I’m just going through the motions, like I’m not present. Like I’m watching a show. The show is my life. I can’t even act a role. I just watch helplessly.

And other times, I feel like I have no beginning and no end. I guess I’m getting closer to God lol… I don’t know where I am right now, or where I want to be or what I am. And that truly scares me, because the society has made it unacceptable not to know.