It was the last day of school. I went out with my friends earlier that day, we were celebrating. Well, they were celebrating the end of high school. I was celebrating…you know what? I don’t recall. I got back home a little after 5pm. My overprotective parents had only called twice. But I loved them, I had to, you see, they brought me into the world and all their antics were born out of their love for me.

My brothers did not know what day it was, they didn’t congratulate me on the end of an era. They couldn’t see that this was no ordinary day. I had two brothers and one dog. I named my dog Xavier, I heard it in a movie once and it always had a special place in my heart. Now that I think about it, I was pretty sentimental about unimportant things and quite unaffected by the things that were supposedly important.

I was in my room, stroking my dog’s fur and thinking about life when my phone rang. It was my boyfriend. Oh boy, he was special. The honeymoon phase was over but every other minute is just as amazing. He showered me love and respect and gifts and everyone said I was lucky to have him. He was in every way, the one. I seemed so happy with him. Seemed.

The day was actually a special one for me. It was the day I ended my life. At 11pm, I took a bath. We had a nice tub. It was big and my mom had these fancy bath bombs, took one of it and used it. Then I took my pocket knife and sliced both my wrists..the water in the tub turned bright pink..and slowly darkened as more blood left me. I finally smiled. The last thought that went through my head was “I was a happy child”.