Oh no. What is she doing now? I can’t see through the blindfold but I feel an ice cube on my clit. And quite unbelievably, I have another orgasm. To think I almost didn’t come. According to her, this was just the tip of the iceberg. Nice play on words, don’t you think.? I feel her tongue warming up the parts of me that still stung from the ice. She sucks on my clit, lapping up my juices even as it gets replaced almost immediately..Her tongue thrusts in out of me repeatedly, purposefully, driving me to climax and breaking down all the walls and doubts I had. Her tongue is briefly replaced by the index finger on her left hand.. She uses her right hand to tease my beaded nipples and gives each of my breasts a satisfying squeeze..Her thumb circles and presses down on my clit. Bringing me to a very earth shattering high..my fifth orgasm in two hours. I am spent.