Hello World, seems quite easy to say, doesn’t it? But do you see the page you are reading this on, see how colorful it is? That is HTML and CSS in a beautiful intercourse. HTML is responsible for the texts and the entire webpage but the designing itself is supported by CSS. The full meaning of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. Cascading implies something that follows an order downwards, this means that as you write your code, it follows a particular order..making it such that the code at the top gets implemented before the code at the bottom. Style Sheets are basically self explanatory, a sheet for styling and designing your webpage.

In my CV, I updated it using CSS only and it looks much better and appealing. I started off by setting a margin to the top and bottom by using padding. Now, margin is the space outside something. While, padding is the space between the container and the content(inside something).

I proceeded to use class and id to specify what colors I wanted for a particular element. IDs are used uniquely, with single elements. Classes are used for multiple/various elements. As you will see, I used id for the name(Zainab Jimoh) and class for the various subheadings like experience, education, skills etc.

There is an image element in CSS that you can use to style an image, I used the tag object-fit: cover to style my image, this simply means that I zoomed in and made the picture a square.

I removed the initial tabular state that my webpage was and used aside and float tags to move some of my content to the right and create a kind of column illusion. A handful of what I did was trial and error basically, but after a lot of trials, I must say I am quite proud of the end result.

Attached below is a screenshot of my webpage: