Hey guys, Welcome to my chan…..lmao, hell no. We ain’t doing that. Not that I have a problem with youtubers or people that say that, I just do not think it would  sound well with my medium pitched but still a bit froggy voice. I have given a lot of thought(perhaps too much thought) to what my first blog post would be about and how it would be inspiring and captivating and all that crap. 

So I thought, why not tell a story? It’s a real life story, no jokes.  Now, lemme say first of all that I do not have a problem with physical touch, I crave it, matter of fact. I’m not comfortable with someone’s body casually touching mine in a confined space, (eg bus) but I manage on account of being the nice person that I am. I just don’t know why I was irritable this particular day, I was going from Ife to Ibadan, and because I was trying to avoid as much physical touch as possible, I sat down in the front seat with the driver. I was the first one to get there, so I sat on the main seat and left the middle seat for the next person. So this hanty comes and politely asks if someone is sitting beside me. I thought, she looks pleasant enough, why not ask her to join me? I said yes. Worst decision I made on this trip. 

Next thing I know, hanty decides that because her bag is white, she can’t put it on the floor, it has to be on the seat. Who the F carries a white bag when travelling tho??! I told her she was already putting her bag in my seat and that it was disturbing me, she had the audacity to tell me that my whole body cannot fit into all that space. I was pained. She shifted it eventually after seeing the look on my face. Then she called her boyfriend and told him she was about to leave Ife, there were only five people in a 12-sitter bus but who am I to judge? Hanty did not only make the call as loud as she could, she had arms swinging..honestly, how could there be so much body movement while making a phone call? Haba. 

Anyway, trip started and hanty fell asleep after 10 minutes, hurray? Hell no. She was basically falling on me, with her big ass head.. Like sis, I don’t know you. I think you have nice boobs but I don’t know you, and where I come from, it’s not very polite. 

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned.😁