I think about weddings almost every day. I love every part of it. I have a mood board in pinterest with everything I need for a dream wedding. I have way too many wedding dress styles though, besides the point.

I’m a gooey, wide eyed romantic, I can’t help it. I want to go on car dates, and road trips to places I’ve never been. I want to be surprised on a random tuesday with flowers because he thought of me on the way home. I want to tell him about my day and have him actually listen. I want to make corny ass gifts from pinterest and tiktok for him. I want to dress up and take him out. I want to spoil and be spoilt. I want to live a fairytale romance. I choose not to be ashamed of my choices. I have been told severally that this is the real world and romance is not the same way it is in movies. But I say, why not? All it takes is a little effort. Why not live your life in a movie? Why does the world get to decide what is plausible and what is not? If I choose to have a dinner date twice a month with a significant other, are you that close minded that you cannot see how it is possible?

I choose love. I choose light. I choose happiness. I choose romance. I want to wake up on my birthday feeling like a princess, I want to live my life in luxury, and be as glamorous as I desire. I can make my life whatever I want it to be.

But maybe, just maybe, Happily Ever After is alone.