What is the key to unlocking your heart?

Are you the one they talk about?

Is it your pussy they talk about with no respect?

Dear girl, I know. I know it sucks. I know you thought he was different.

I know you thought he was the one.

But why was it so easy to get you to love him? And trust him blindly?

What was the key to your heart?

What was it that he gave that you didn’t have? Was it the money? The airtime topup? The snacks at 9pm? The date to the shabby restaurants? Dear girl, don’t you know you deserve better? You do. Why do you bend so low? Why do you spread your legs? I know he was nice in the beginning and as time went on, he started to change and treat you like rubbish. I know that girl, but why? Why did you let it happen? Why did he believe you shouldn’t be respected? Was it because you treated yourself with such little respect he thought it was okay to do the same? Was it because everytime he asked you what you plan to do with your life, you distracted him by thrusting your breasts in his hands? Was it because you told him about what your uncle did to you? And didn’t show any emotion, that he thought you liked it. He thought you liked being taken..with force..

He didn’t realise who you were. Dear queen, enough talk. Get up. Treat yourself with the respect no one has accorded you. You have been down, but you don’t have to stay down. You can change. Everyone is permitted to change.

I hope you won’t miss the free cash gifts though, the late night suya and shawarma, the car rides, the intense sex. If you can look past all these, you can change. You can find your purpose. Trust me when I say, it is not in his penis.