This is a typical love story. Nothing more, nothing less.


“Take an umbrella, it’s going to rain” my sister shouts through the dingy hallway minutes after I left the apartment. I still hadn’t forgiven her for eating my ‘dodo’ last night. I swore under my breath and shouted back at her”yeah, like you’re God” and hurried out of the building. My sister and I had been living together for about three years now in a mini flat in town. She was doing her masters in Human Resource Management in the campus where I studied. She infringed a lot but she was still my best friend.

I planned to go to the library to go return some books and take a stroll afterwards. The library was just 15 minutes away so I could walk to and fro quite easily. On my way back home, A slow rumble of thunder alerted me of the ‘sharpally’ darkening clouds, shit, the bitch was right, it was going to rain and I was wearing a ‘dev’ t-shirt and jeans, my only consolation was that I was on natural twists that week so my hair was at least sort of safe. It would still take me 10 more minutes before I get home and suddenly, 10 minutes seemed like a lifetime. In a few seconds, I realized I was no longer getting wet. My head was covered by a black umbrella with blue stripes and holding it was one of the cutest guys I had ever met, damn, he had a Yoruba demon look in his eyes, oh his eyes, hazel and blinking.. at…at me. His mouth was moving too, but I paid no attention to what was coming out. His lips were pink, pink! And it’s quite obvious that this color wasn’t forced out by chemicals like some of the fuckboys these days. His lashes, I was so jealous of his perfect, elegant long lashes. His hair, jet black and curly, he probably relaxed it and left it uncombed and so it was messy but hot… he was a walking god and I had turned from a tech savvy woman to a slumbering and blubbering idiot. He was Ibo upon inspection but I never stopped calling him my Yoruba demon.

“So do you live around here?” I managed to catch these few words despite my unholy thoughts about this guy who could be gay or have a girlfriend. “y-yeah” I replied still stuttering. “I live in that next street” I said with a much steadier tone. I barely made it through the rest of the conversation but I got a few details, 1. He is hooooot. 2. He is hooottt 3. He is hoottttt. Okay, I’m just kidding, I totally got distracted by his eyes.

To Be Continued…