He’s back. With my cookies and cream ice cream which he never forgot once I told him. He is like a reservoir of knowledge. Fucking lexipedia. I love him to death and his beauty still makes me stare. My wedding is in two weeks and I am shit scared and tired too. And that’s why I’m swearing. Excuse my language. But I do not have cold feet. Cold feet Kwa? Nibo? His love for me keeps my feet toasty and warm. I am scared because I am a little young. I just finished youth service and even though I am well employed (I’ve been working since my part two). I’m a full stack android developer, I currently have two well-paying jobs and I’m also a freelancer from time to time. Ikemefuna is a child psychologist. And a part time medical researcher. We make a great team.

    ‘Babe, you ready to go?’ he says, breaking me out of my reverie. ‘Yeah sure’. We walk out of my sister’s place into his car. My sister lives alone since I moved to Ikemefuna’s place six months ago. We’re building a house in Lekki but we’re not billionaires, so it can take its time abeg.

    ‘Do you want me to make dinner or would you rather we get something to eat on the way?’ ‘Not in your condition, we’ll order in’ he says with a knowing smile on his face. I’m two months pregnant and he has been pampering me more than usual. The expression on his face was priceless when I told him I was pregnant. When his slow driving butt finally got home, the first thing we did was take a nice bath to wash away the stress of the day. . . . I’m just kidding. We had porn sex.


    ‘Hey baby, sleep well?’ he murmured against my ears. ‘Yeah, you?’ ‘Hm hmm. I have to go now, big day ahead. I love you’ ‘yeah whatever’.

    ‘Yeah whatever’ were my last words to my fiancé, he died that morning. Car crash. The shock made me miscarry. And I’m still not in my right senses; I don’t think I will ever be normal again.

THE END. Yes, this is a love story. It’s just not typical.